Farm Insurance

At Fitzgerald Insurances we have an experienced team of insurers who can help you protect your farm with a suitable farm insurance policy. Using a combination of our extensive industry experience and our contacts with Ireland’s leading insurers, we can provide superior insurance cover as well as a stellar customer service experience.

We cover a range of essential policies, including:

  • Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

  • Farm Property Insurance

  • Livestock Insurance

  • Employer Liability

  • Employee Liability

  • Farm Building Insurance

Contact us to discuss the most suitable policies and to receive a competitive quote.

Agricultural Vehicle

Farm Property and Agricultural Vehicle

Using our farm property and agricultural vehicle insurance cover you can insure yourself against fire damage, storm damage or any other event that can have a detrimental effect on your property. We also cover all types of agricultural vehicles and farm equipment.

Fitzgerald Insurances


Our livestock insurance guarantees protection against floods, fires or other specified events which damage your livestock. This is essential for farmers who rely on the profits generated by their livestock. Taking into account your unique circumstances, we can provide the most suitable cover as well as a competitive quote.

Farm Liability

Farm Liability and Personal Accident

With our farm liability and personal accident insurance, you can cover against:

  • Product and Public Liability

  • Employers’ Liability

  • Farm Personal Accident